Snapp Launcher, provides the best alternative to users that helps to customize the Android phones, is an Android interface application that are developed by Başarı Mobile software engineers as the result of detailed R&D studies at the beginning of 2016.

At the first step of the application, there are 5 themes which helps you customize your phone. But within the development process, there will be more themes to be offered to the users. In addition, Snapp Launcher provides a newsfeed screen that contains actual news from both local and global rss sources. Also, in the fresh new version, you are able to add social media and calendar notifications to this screen to be viewed.

Another nice feature of the application is to provide the users useful widgets such as weather information and memory management.

With its qualified software developer crew, Snapp Launcher, is an updated, dynamic and user friendly application. You can have this wonderful tool application by downloading it from Google Play ( or AppMarket (