A smell, a song or a photo… Three things about the memories. Touching and feeling is more valuable than anything. Photo… Sometimes we all look at the photos to remember our memories. Our history is stored in the photo albums.
Nowadays, smartphone users prefer to use smartphones as a camera and being too lazy to take their photos to printing studios and get printed. They only archive them and when time passed they forget about them.
Cellograf is developed to remind the memories and never forget. It has developed and has been managed by Basari Mobile since 2014. Cellograf is a mobile photo printing service that helps users print their photos which taken by their smartphones with a very simple way and make them to remember their memories whenever they look at. Users print the photos which taken by their smartphones with a very simple way. Cellograf provides users to print the photos on photo, canvas or gifts through their mobile devices, which users can buy goods via mobile payment or credit card. Also, users can print their Facebook photos and instantly taken photos (taken by phone camera during using the app) with the recently added features.

You can download from Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Turkcell Appmarket Application and iTunes App Store for free.

The Best Gift Cellograf Photo Service
Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries… Don’t you want to please your loved ones? You can print to photos and send as gift to your friends, darling and family members. Cellograf is the first application in Turkey which provides photo printing service.

You can print photos on magnet, photo paper, canvas, puzzles or any other gift products.
You print photos in different sizes.
You can crop your photos from Setting Size.
Address add button allows users to add different addresses into the list.
Mobile Payment and Credit Card payment options are available.
After completing the payment process, in the Order Summary page and you can see the details of the existing order.
You can print your Facebook photos.
You can crop photos in the gallery on your mobile phone and you can resize according to the print size.
You can also send your photos to your loved ones as a gift by entering different billing and shipping address.
No shipping charge for 70 TL and above orders.
You can print your photos with the convenience of mobile payments.
We have a 100% refund guarantee.
Convenience” and “Customer Satisfaction” is our top priority. You can send to all suggestions and criticism about Cellograf to info@cellograf.com address or you can call 444 0 100.

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